"All knowledge comes from experience."
— Immanuel Kant, German philosopher
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Supervisory Board

Dr. Michael Seyd (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Dr. Michael Seyd studied business administration at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and then did his doctorate on the question of corporate elasticity – the adaptation of companies to constantly changing environmental developments.

After working as an academic adviser and as a management consultant in medium-sized companies, he started at DATEV eG as an employee for strategic planning. After various positions in the company, he was responsible as an authorized signatory and member of the management for the areas of products and strategic marketing.

Until his departure in 2016, he was most recently responsible for strategic corporate development at DATEV eG as a member of the management board.

Franz Schreyer (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Tax Consultant & Auditor

Mr. Schreyer worked for 20 years as an auditor and tax advisor at an international Big 4 auditing and tax consulting company.

As a partner and managing director of the Rödl & Partner group of companies, he then built up the national and international auditing division and headed it for 19 years.

He looked after large medium-sized corporations as well as partnerships. After retiring at Rödl & Partner, he continues to work as an auditor.

Norbert Bieber

Mr. Bieber worked for Deutsche Bank AG for 40 years, including 25 years in management positions.

Most recently, as a member of the executive board, he was responsible for the upscale private customer business in Northern Bavaria.

In addition to various positions in southern Germany, Mr. Bieber also took on international tasks in Zurich, London and New York.