"Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastering something."
— Thomas Mann, German author
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Asset structuring

A strategically optimal control of your assets can only take place on the basis of a solid information base. However, the complexity of large assets makes it difficult to correctly assess the overall effect of individual assets while taking their mutual relationships into account.

With the help of our financial planning you gain transparency and gain an overview of your total assets. We analyze your assets and liabilities in terms of liquidity, profitability, risk and tax aspects, forecast their development and provide you with specific proposals on how your asset structure can be optimally aligned with your life planning.

With this holistic approach, you have a sound basis for future measures and optimize the risk-reward ratio of your assets.

Your benefit

  • Comprehensive overview of your total assets, your liabilities, liquidity, pension and tax situations, taking into account mutual relationships (current and future)
  • Clarity regarding the opportunities and risks of your existing assets and planned investments
  • Presentation of the main factors influencing the development of your wealth
  • References to potential for increased yield and savings
  • Strategies for asset optimization with specific recommendations for action, taking into account withholding tax, gift tax or inheritance tax
  • Basis for strategic considerations, such as the development of liability-free private assets for entrepreneurial families
  • Basis for far-sighted succession planning