“It takes a lot of boldness and caution to make a great fortune. But when you have it, you need ten times as much brains to keep it. "
— Nathan Mayer von Rothschild, founder of Rothschild Bank
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Asset management

Are you looking for a competent partner who actively manages your capital, to whom you delegate individual investment decisions, who continuously monitors the development of your assets and who loyally represents your interests?

The primary goal of our asset management is not only to preserve the client assets entrusted to us in real terms, but also to increase them in the long term without accepting incalculable risks. This may be a common expectation, but on closer inspection it turns out to be quite demanding. We meet this challenge with a needs-based asset structure, a systematic approach, consistent risk management, a careful selection of suitable forms of investment and, ultimately, a high degree of common sense.

Our Approach

We take a lot of time to determine the asset structure that fits your individual life planning, show you the associated opportunities and risks in an understandable way and agree binding investment guidelines within which we manage your assets.

We concentrate on our core competencies, portfolio and risk management as well as the professional selection of promising target investments.

We check compliance with your investment guidelines on a daily basis, make adjustments if necessary and keep you regularly informed about the structure and development of your assets.

If your life situation or your goals change, we will adapt the investment strategy accordingly.

Selection process

With the diversity and complexity of the capital markets, it is impossible to be a leader in all facets. Of course, this also applies to us. That is why we concentrate on the professional selection of promising asset managers who specialize in a particular field.

Using quantitative criteria, we use a database to select those managers from a large number of managers whose investment results are demonstrably among the best in their peer group. We subject these to stringent due diligence, in which qualitative criteria, in particular the investment process and structural issues, are intensively analyzed. The question is whether the success of the past is accidental or systematic in origin. Because only systematic success can be reproduced.

We invest your capital in the most promising investments, using low-cost funds for institutional investors whenever possible.