"You can only be successful in the long term if you know why you are successful."
— Pater Rupert Lay, philosopher and management consultant
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Systematic success

You can expect a lot from us because our success is no accident! Thanks to clearly defined investment processes, consistent risk management and the structured selection of target investments, we systematically optimize the risk / reward ratio of your assets. We implement investment decisions and risk management in a disciplined manner and free of emotions on the basis of quantitative investment processes based on logical, rational and comprehensible criteria. This results in sustainable value creation and systematic investment success.


Our employees and network partners are highly qualified, have many years of practical experience and understand their craft.

The high demands on the quality of our services are ensured by a professional company organization. This includes clearly regulated responsibilities, written process descriptions, systematic controlling and a functioning risk management.

We use professional industry software from the market leaders. Electronic data interfaces between the custodian banks and our portfolio management system ensure that it is up-to-date and error-free. Our IT systems are hosted in the Datev data center according to German law and are state of the art in terms of data security and data protection.

Through our network of brokers and investment banks, we have over-the-counter trading opportunities and access to the primary market.


Very high managed volumes – as is common with large banks, for example – restrict the ability to act, sometimes drastically. They make market access more difficult and make short-term implementation of investment decisions impossible.

Our investment universe is not limited to a few high-cap stocks. As a small, flexible market participant, we can also position ourselves strategically in profitable niches or use market inefficiencies profitably for you.

Thanks to short decision-making paths, we are able to react immediately to opportunities or risks on the capital markets and to implement investment decisions at short notice and without major “frictional losses”.