“Even if you know all the risks, the risks do not get smaller, but the danger of falling victim to them decreases."
— Georg-Wilhelm Exler
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Our clients’ funds and our own are strictly separated.

Your funds and securities are held in bank accounts or custody accounts in your name. The limited asset management power of attorney granted by you only allows us to carry out transactions in financial instruments for you. It does not give us the ability to transfer or withdraw funds. Misappropriation is therefore impossible.

The asset management mandate entrusted to us is not subject to a fixed term and can be terminated by you at any time.


We are aware of the high level of responsibility that is transferred to us when you take on your mandate.

We pursue a sustainable, value-oriented investment policy.We do not consider highly speculative forms of investment characterized by short-term maximization of returns in our approach. The same applies to comlex producs of which we cannot fully understand the functionality and risks.

We see ourselves as risk managers, act responsibly and have contingency plans in place for the sudden occurrence of extreme scenarios. The security of your assets is more important to us than fashionable stock market trends or incalculable, short-term profit considerations.


Quants Vermögensmanagement AG is an owner-managed company. Our thinking is entrepreneurial, long-term and conservative, our actions are responsible.

We do not conduct proprietary trading or other highly speculative business and are fully equity financed.

Our business model is stable, low-risk and geared towards long-term, partnership-based cooperation with our clients.


As an approved financial services institution, we are subject to the provisions of the Banking Act and the Securities Trading Act and are supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The strict observance of our ethical principles and values, to which we are committed, is ensured by an effective compliance management system and monitored by our internal auditors.

Compliance with strict legal and regulatory requirements is certified annually by a renowned auditing company.


Member of VuV and EdW

We are a member of the Association of Independent Asset Managers (VuV) and are committed to its code of honor.

Quants Vermögensmanagement AG is assigned to the compensation scheme of the securities trading company (EdW).

Pecuniary loss liability

To protect our customers and for our own protection, we have taken out property damage liability insurance.