"The consistent exclusion of conflicts of interest alone means true independence."
— Björn Burkhardt, founder of Quants Vermögensmanagement AG
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You will only find true independence or really objective – and thus sustainably successful – advice where no overriding desires have to be taken into account, be it through the commitment to group policy guidelines or through the generation of commission income.

That is why we designed our business model from the outset in such a way that avoiding conflicts of interest is of the utmost importance.

We waive commissions that are common in the financial sector and do not trade on our own account. We are remunerated by our clients, also based on success.

Thanks to this true independence, we can look after your assets as if they were our own, free of any third party interests.

True independence is anything but a matter of course in our industry. We consider them to be an essential prerequisite for sustainable success, but also a great privilege for us and our clients.